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2015 Frankfurt Prolight + Sound
Intella System   2016-10-11 17:01:04 Author:SystemMaster

         Intella enjoyed a very successful Prolight+Sound expo in Frankfurt, Germany, with the launch of 9 new products (Cube 8 RGB, Cube 8 white, Cube 18, Cube 2, Stik 8, Stik 8 RGB, Stik 12 and Mini Storm 400. Along 4 busy days on the booth in Hall 9.1 at Messe exhibition centre, Intella received customers and potential partners from over 20            countries and accomplished good results. New products were presented to the market, new relations were started up and we foresee very strong coming sales on following months.

        Hard-worker and innovative top distributors shared ideas and requirements with Intella team, project follow up was updated and advantageous effects of new products were detailed exposed to the market.

        Intella`s sales team and R&D have finished the exhibition with a great feedback from the market about new products. Now, Intella returns to finish the preparation for 2015 Palme Middle East Dubai, where more brand new & innovated products will be brilliantly introduced to you.

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