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2015 GET Show - Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show
Intella System   2016-10-11 17:00:54 Author:SystemMaster

         Intella amused a great GET Show along April 1st-4th - booth location 5C-07, at Guangzhou, China - introducing brand new products (Strobe/Pixel lighting, Bar lighting and Mini Strobe) to the market. Four active days of     demonstration and meetings brought Intella several ‪distinguished opportunities presently.

         Over 100 fixtures were used to prepare the lighting show for Intella booth. The new strobe series (Cube 8, Cube 18 and Cube 2) promoted an incredible and unique effect, the combination of 70 fixtures with easy hanging system and multiple functions. A single product comes with 4 functions: strobe, wash, pixel lighting and blinder.

         Also part of the innovative group of fixtures, comes Mini Storm 400, a compact but powerful strobe with a wide range of effects and a very affordable price. Another new product series was a Bar lighting, the Stik series (Stik 8, Stik 8 RGB and Stik 12); comes to complement your product portfolio with innovative design and effects.

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