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2016 GET Show - Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show
Intella System   2016-10-11 16:15:45 Author:SystemMaster

       Intella System presents our brand new products in booth 5C-07 of GET Show, Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show, the biggest LED stage lighting exhibition in China. Intella`s booth size of 54 m2, welcome visitors for technical discussions and market insights.

       Intella amuses hundreds of partners, customers and visitors with over 80 strobes show and perform the incredible effects of our brand new products: Storm 2000 (strobe), ARMOR (beam, spot, wash moving head) and the Par Lights 

       The four brand new products were successfully launched resulting in great market feedback, specially ARMOR, an extremely advanced form of hybrid light, ARMOR, a beam, wash and spot moving head.

Intella has already confirmed and shipped to over 15 countries samples of ARMOR, Storm 2000 and Par Lights.

       Intella team appreciates the new inquires and welcome new partners, wishing long term cooperation, strong and very professional partnership targeting a mutual fast and profitable growth.

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