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Quality is our top priority during the manufacture of our products. INTELLA has just expanded the

machinery production andimproved the quality control in every production step in order to identify

and eliminate defects at early stages. The following sidesprovide you with an overview of our 

departments,machinery and production steps. At the end of each production step, all our

 products have toundergo quality control and functional testing.


Machinery and workplaces:

Solder printing/deposition machine

SMT machine

Reflow Machine

Hand-soldering workplaces

Test environments for all common appliances

Work steps

Manual assembly on the mounting table

Soldering using hand-soldering workplaces

Assembly of displays

Equipping LED circuit boards with lenses

Soldering cables

Uploading software


Each circuit board is subject to visual control and a functional control on the testboard.


Work steps

Assembly of different cables

Dismantling and crimping of different connectors

Compilation of complete harnesses for final assembly

Tinning quality control

Check of the manufactured crimp and plug connections


Work steps in final assembly

Commissioning of all parts necessary for assembly

Manual assembly of fixtures by screwing, soldering, adhesive bonding

Packaging in cases or cardboard boxes


Quality Control

Functional testing of each completed device over several hours

Colour balance according to reference products

Measurement of the insulation resistance

Measurement of the earth resistance

Production and QC work with Six Sigma, every decision is made based on data, 

seek roots of problems,define defects based on customerrequirements, and track 

leading indicators of problems to prevent them from happening.

Quality control and continuous improvement is our top priority. A combination of a 

strong methodologyand an experienced team makes thequality control department 

achieve our target; guarantee that 100%of our products are tested and products in

 spec shipped to our customers.

QC department has a strong control of the raw material quality and causes of 

product defect,what makes the defect ratio be on the bottomlimit of our internal target.

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