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INTELLA lighting is based in China, manufactures innovative, high quality static and moving lights products for the professional entertainment,

architectural andcommercial lighting.

The company philosophy is to work as closely with our business partners and end users as possible, listening to their needs, thoughts and

wishes and understandingtheir markets. Knowing our business is based on numerous individuals, strong cooperation and long-term relationship.

Quality is our top priority during the manufacture of our products. All products destined for the market are carefully inspected at INTELLA.

Incoming materials arecarefully monitored, selected and rejected if the strict technical specifications established by INTELLA are not satisfied.

These tests are fundamental for the quality

standard INTELLA guarantees its customers, since performing strict tests on each single product is the only way to prove the final product works


Every production step of INTELLA is generally concluded with quality control of the manufactured parts so that almost 100% of defects can be

identified and eliminated

at an early stage. Our flexible production system results in a short average delivery time compared to other manufacturers. This guarantees a


production and allows immediate responding to tendencies on the lighting market.

INTELLA focus on designing and producing well-engineered products utilizing the very latest available technology to meet the creative,

technical and practical demands of our end users, establishing a strong partnership and cooperation.

The INTELLA brand is currently experiencing growth in all sectors, and our products can be found on stages, theaters, discos, TV studios,

illuminating buildings and other structures worldwide.


To achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction. Provide suitable solutions in fixtures and professional stage lighting,

offering unparalleled services and value toour customers through well-engineered products, careful choice of raw material, strict final quality

control and premium after sales service.


Be one of the best provider of professional stage lighting in China, leveraging and developing our R&D expertise and new products.


  • Customer Provide suitable and innovated products to our customers, attending their needs in quality, price and services.

  • Quality Excellency in process control and quality is our main focus to keep high product reliability, great customer confidence and

  • long-term relationship.

  • Ethics and Transparence Ethic and transparence are the master rule of our company. Every company decision respects all agreements

  • and contracts signed

  • with old & current customers or partners.

  • People Excellent team hard working together with a clear communication and deep understanding about the company principals lead

  • us to a sustainable fast

  • growth.

  • Innovation A continuous innovation & improvement on every new product, internal production and quality process lead us to overcome

  • the competition.

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