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Optimized 800W power super bright Strobe - developed right for your market
Intella System   2019-07-11 16:37:58 Author:Intella0824
I. Storm1000 RGB/ RGBW/ white ECO (IP20 aluminum profile or IP65 aluminum die-casting housing)
II. Storm1000 RGB/RGBW/white XECO (IP20 aluminum profile or IP65 aluminum die-casting housing)
... all 4 models work as LED wash with 40% max brightness!
INTELLA, the number one in the world in strobe designing and manufacturing, is a high quality OEM stage lighting producer for the professional market. Currently has developed two economical Strobe models: the Storm1000 ECO (economical) and Storm1000 XECO (extra economical). Both models come with 768pcs LEDs and the perfect power-brightness balance to provide a longer LED lifetime. The one piece improved power supply provides the homogeneous brightness along the LED board. The LED driver was updated for achieving an outstanding dimming effect, particularlly low dimming. An optimized new MCU (Micro-Controller Unit) provides the fixtures a better heat control.
The both high power and brightness fixtures contain intense built-in strobe programs & random strobe effects.
The housing for the Storm1000-ECO & Storm1000-XECO are available in Aluminum profile (IP20) or Aluminum die-casting (IP65), designed & patent INTELLA SYSTEM. The ECO & XECO features are placed into 2/3 or 9 individually controllable LED segments (9 segments for the white, 2 for RGBW & 3 for RGB models).
All models can safely be used as wash (40% of max brightness) and contain up to 16 DMX channels; indoor and outdoor versions available.
The Storm1000 ECO & XECO are lightweight, robust, compact and ultra-high performance LED strobes weighting about 10 Kg.
Built-in over heat protection temperature sensor to extend the lamp life, INTELLA’s LED die-casting models had its cooling methods improved via rectangular heat-sinks and low noise intelligent fan, giving the best performance.
The ECO LED`s compared to XECO`s were extra optimized and designed to resist a longer run, what explains its superior price.
INTELLA OEM LED Strobes have been sold to over 45 countries and operated by the best lighting designers.

Storm1000 RGB ECO-L/ XECO-L (IP20 aluminum-profile housing)
Storm1000 RGBW ECO-L/ XECO-L (IP20 aluminum-profile housing)
1. Storm1000 RGB/ RGBW/ white ECO (IP65 die-casting aluminum housing);
2. Storm1000 RGB/ RGBW/ white ECO-L (IP20 aluminum profile housing);
3. Storm1000 RGB/ RGBW/ white XECO (IP65 die-casting aluminum housing);
4. Storm1000 RGB/ RGBW/ white XECO-L (IP20 aluminum profile housing);
5. Storm 1000 ECO/ XECO RGB: 768pcs 1W RGB LEDs, 800W power;
6. Storm 1000 ECO/ XECO RGBW: 384pcs RGB 1W LEDs + 384pcs white 1W LEDs. 800W power;
7. Storm1000 ECO/ XECO white: 768pcs white 1W LEDs, 800W power;

8. Innovative technology, own & unique design* patent of Intella System Ltd;
9. 9/ 3/ 2-segment pixel modes can safely be used as wash (max 40% brightness);
10. 120 degrees beam angle/ 28,000 (RGB)/ 80,000 (white)/ 56,000 (RGBW) luminous;
11. Intense built-in strobe programs + random strobe;
12. Variable electronic strobe & 16-bit dimmer/ 7000Hz LED scan rate;
13. User adjustable flash rate of 0-30 flashes per second;
14. Flash duration can be set from 0-650ms in DMX mode;
15. DMX mode:1/3/4/6/7/16, 3-pin & 5-pin DMX Input/Output;
16. Standalone, master/slave, auto mode operating mode;
17. Dimensions die-casting housing (L x H x W): 490 x 285 x 105mm, Weight 9.5 Kg;
18. Dimensions aluminum-profile housing (L x H x W): 480 x 260 x 110 mm, Weight 6 Kg;
19. Die-casting aluminum or aluminum profile housing (less pricy)
Storm1000 RGBW ECO/ XECO (IP65 aluminum die-casting housing)
10 reasons to choose Intella System as your OEM supplier
1. Premium quality of raw material;
2. 100% own design & development for housing and internal parts;
3. OEM suppliers have the distribution preference of new products;
4. Advanced software know-how for the best functions and effects optimization;
5. 5 years inventory for all components (1st year free of charge);
6. 1 year guarantee for all fixtures, professional technical service & after sales support on English, Chinese, Cantonese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Persian;
7. Offer options of: OEM, ODM or Intella System brand;
8. Strong name in the market, great reliability and credibility with the top lighting partners;
9. Strict quality control process to attend high demanding markets such like Japan, USA, Germany, Italy;
10. Best practice & continuos improvement to overcome our goals.
Storm1000 ECO/ XECO
Strobes application
Strobes have a wide application possibilities, from creating effects in a hotel wall, a city garden, bridges, water fountains, car exhibitions, concert stages, studio photography... limitless possibities!
Storm1000 ECO
OEM distribution - Intella System
Intella System is worldwide famous for its premium quality, high end fixtures, well-engineered & beautifully designed products. Our clients are among the top distributors in the professional stage lighting market and we are recognized  in the global list of top 10 strobes OEM supplier.
Storm1000 XECO
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