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NOVA single LED
11 versions: warm white/ cool white/ warm-cool white/ UV. Optional DTW technology (dim to warm/ amber/ tungsten effect) for warm white, cool white, warm-cool white & UV. High CRI warm white/ high CRI cool white/ high CRI warm-cool white. We make it in 1, 2 or 4 lights (4 lights: 2 by 2 or 4 by 1).

The massive beautifully designed IP65 rated NOVA single Blinder features high powered 100W white COB LED, a wide 60° beam angle, CRI 75, 5,000 lm, 3000k to 6500k color temperature for versions warm white, cool white or warm-cool white. Our newest technology solution using the high tech LED technology DTW (dim to warm) offers the fixture when it is dimming down, that amber shift, a dim to warm effect that you use to see in the traditional halogen effect from conventional lamp lightings. Gorgeous and highly professional! It is a IP65 fixture, suitable for outdoor events.
Comes in a unique configuration, easily attacheable narrow beam filters, manual adjustable pan focus, pixel control, variable dimming curve modes, strobe effects, pixel control, RDM (Remote Device Management), IP rated DMX and power in/out connections, LCD menu display with 4 touch button control panel, integrated yoke and side mounting brackets, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-250v).
3 versions (warm white/ cool white/ white-cool white) come with optional high CRI (color rendering index), 92, the quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. The high CRI fixtures were designed specially for theather, film and television applications. The brightness of the high CRI fixtures is 4,120 lm, about 20% lower than standard versions.
  • Detail
  • 1. Blinder-wash 100W COB 3000k warm white LED IP65. CRI=75 (version 1);
    2. Blinder-wash 100W COB 6500k cool white LED IP65. CRI=75 (version 2);
    3. Blinder-wash 100W COB from 3000k to 6500k warm-cool white LED IP65. CRI=75 (version 3);
    4. Blinder-wash 100W COB UV LED IP65 (version 4);
    5. Optional dim to warm effect in above 4 versions by adding an outter 10W amber SMD (versions 5, 6, 7, 8);
    6. High CRI for warm white, cool white & warm-cool white. CRI=92. Designed for theather, film and television applications. AC 100 240V 50/60Hz 100W/ Output: 4,120 lm  (versions 9, 10, 11);
    7. OLED display;
    8. Unique design, manual pan adjustment, individual control of each COB module, integrated rigging bracket, operate in any angle, 4 button control panel and LCD menu display, internal chase macros, strobe effects, variable selectable dimming curves;
    9. AC 100 240V 50/60Hz 100W/ Output: 5,000 lm, 205 lux in @5m;
    10. 60 degrees beam angle/ 16 Bit dimmer/1,000 Hz LED scan rate;
    11. 5 DMX channels;
    12. Comes 1 COB, 2 COBs or 4 COBs (4 in 1 row or 2 side by side);
    13. Weight: 3.5 Kg (extremely compact & portable).

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