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Name:Motion Super Storm500 RGBW IP65
Motion Super Storm500 RGBW IP65

  • Detail
  • The Motion Storm 500 RGBW comes with 48pcs RGBW 4 in 1 LEDs — 500 W – and the greatest brightness: 15,000 luminous. A unique bright strobe containing intense built-in programs & random strobe effects. 

    The Motion Wash Light performs a dynamic movement, 190° tilt range, enabling the lighting designer to place powerfull & accurate effects exactly where and when they wish.
    A super bright output of 48pcs LEDs placed into 4 individually controllable LED segments. The Motion Super Storm 500 RGBW makes it possible, to create unique effects never delivered before. Beam angle of 25° or 35°.
    The lightweight, robust, compact and ultra-high performance LED wash has dimensions of 557 x 327 x 146 mm and weight: 16 Kg. 

    Built-in over heat protection temperature sensor to extend the lamp life, INTELLA’s new LED model had its cooling methods improved via rectangular heat-sinks, giving the best performance.

    Accessories: metal base


    1. 48pcs RGBW 4 in 1 LEDs — 500 W;
    2. Innovative technology, own & unique design* patent of Intella System Ltd;
    3. 25 or 35 degrees beam angle/ 15,000 luminous;

    4. Tilt angle: 190 degrees
    5. Intense built-in strobe programs + random strobe;
    6. Variable electronic strobe & 16-bit dimmer/ 2000Hz LED scan rate;
    7. User adjustable flash rate of 0-30 flashes per second;
    8. Flash duration can be set from 0-650ms in DMX mode;
    9. DMX mode:3/6/11/14/15/23/27/50/59/74, 3-pin & 5-pin DMX Input/Output;
    10. Standalone, master/slave, auto mode operating mode;
    11. Dimensions (L x H x W): 557 x 327 x 146 mm, Weight 16 Kg;

    12. Die-casting aluminum housing.

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